Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Best You Can Be?

I've been thinking about things again, and feel the need to post it. So I will.

I've been wondering about why parents try to shelter their young. Isn't immunity the best protection? Isn't the best defense against knowledge to know as soon as possible? Is there a point when a person is ready for certain knowledge? can we not handle the truth?

And also... Why do we shoot for the best. I'll admit, I do it often. But honestly, whenever I think about it, I feel a... pointlessness an unreachable longing. No matter what I do or how hard I try, I will never be at the top. I will never, ever be the best. And who's to say anyone is really the best. Do our lives amount to anything? If lives amount to lives, then the meaning is 0... or any other number really. Value can't really be placed, can it? The hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy lies.

Why do I feel like such a failure all the time? Why do I feel this way? Do other people feel this way? Do they look at the other person and wonder, "What are they good at?" I almost feel like a stepping stone at times. Like, I'm a foothold for others to get ahead. I really do. Do I do it willingly? Unknowingly? I like to help... but...

Do my dreams matter? Does anyone's?

Life is such a scary illusion.

But fear is an illusion as well.


Reed R Gale

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