Saturday, February 18, 2012

Day 8

Happy Confirmation day! For my friends.

Religion isn't a huge pursuit of mine, but it's important to a lot of my friends, so cheers to them for finishing their Confirmation course! Epic. They can now continue down the path to God's awesomeness. Or something.

God is a wrathful, but cool guy. He actually took the time out of his busy day to make his son do recon on the human race. That man, while we nailed him to a cross, reported that we are, indeed, forgivable and all that jazz. Jesus is coo. Hey Zeus!

Anyway! I don't have much psychological bullshit going on today. My friend mentioned that I'm like this:

"Hmm. Those are traits :3 You are stoic most of the time. You don't show much active emotion. You are contemplative, and you seem to see the world in your own light, which is really cool ^_^ you can be a bit cynical at times too you are honest to the extent of my knowledge, and your motivation at times seems solely based on the fact that you hate doing nothing ^_^"

For the most part, it seems rather true. Am I that easy to read?

Meh. I kinda wanted to be more mysterious.

":) What? Not to your liking?"

Don't read my mind now.

Not much else to... I lied. Okay, so I wrote before I was writing a story for a friend. I guess I could talk about that. Fill up that 10 minute time period (more or less). Basically, we're trying to write a game off of my dimension idea. I'm the writer. That was kinda boring.

Okay, so the story is about a girl named Ardea in the Medieval Ages, who wants to become a knight like her father, but her mother (and the rest of the world) wants her to be a good proper young lady and to learn girly things and the like. She doesn't take that crap from no one and plans to get out while she can.

Maybe I'll post some of the stuff up here some time. Eventually. Maybe. I might. I probably won't. Yeah. I don't think I will.


Reed R Gale

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