Saturday, February 11, 2012

Day 1

And so it begins. I'm just going to let my fingers go.

So lately, I've been thinking about a character for a story going on in my mind. I see him as hollow right now as I can't imagine a back story for him, but like usual he has powers, as he is a traveler. I'm willing to bet that green vortex-like flame of his is a chaos flame.

Oh yes, allow me to explain, travelers wander every existence ever devised. Great explanation. Moving on.

So as I envision him, the man wears a green knit flat-hat and a green vest with a green tie and a clean white shirt.

Enough about him (Locus). Lets move onto my day. And what a great one it was. I tried to learn how the bus stop system worked, and let me tell you (being as it's my first time on a bus alone) when you have to figure things out on your own... interesting stuff happens.

First, we had an actual plan to begin with. When I missed my stop the first time around though, that plan went to hell. Then, I got off the bus and went into a local Pizza Hut to... reevaluate the situation. The cashier was a nice lady (albeit her job inclined her to try and sell me something) she summoned another coworker to give me directions to my home.

I followed them. Or tried to anyway. The first transfer was fine and dandy, however I ended up going a full loop on the second time around. The bus driver was nice though as it was all good. We talked about all manner of things, from cooking to groceries, to parents, to friends, to driving. Deep stuff. Then we talked about where I wanted to get. She kindly told me to get off where I got on. And that is how the loop occurred.

Oh but the fun doesn't end there! Once I took her instructions to the next bus stop, I thought I needed to get on a certain bus, (namely the 131) but in reality I needed to get on the 132. Another loop of sillyness takes place and I somehow end up in South Park where my parents end up taking me home.

Yay fun rambling stories!

My friend wants to learn Wing-chun. I think that's how it's spelled anyway. We're going to practice over the summer, although we also tend to spar with whatever we know which ranges from MMA to fencing to Bo Staff. We sound dangerous, but really, we're not. We just have too high of a pain tolerance.

Hum. I have nothing left to say.


Reed R Gale

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