Thursday, February 23, 2012

Day 11 (Kind of)

Oops. Missed a few days.

I remembered what I wanted to say though. Is something important because we waste time on it, or is it that we waste time on something because it's important. Both I'd say.

ANYWAY, not much has happened. I gave my presentation on Wednesday, and today I finished my article. And I found out that someone entered me in the school pageant. What. What? WHAT!? Whatever. I'll participate. I haven't gotten to sing in front of a crowd since middle school's choir.

That's something I miss at high school, there's no choir to participate in. Our school is very STEM oriented, so there's no sports team (save for Ultimate Frisbee) and Robotics. Sporty. I can't deny, those require teamwork and Frisbee is like soccer with your hands... but come now, 2 teams? Whatever. But they don't have choir. I am displeased.

My sister asked me if I believed in God. I said, if God exists, he will treat me fairly. He knows what I'm going to do anyway. She also said I was sad, as in pitiable for not having anything to believe in. I said I believe in my friends, myself, and my family. If I can't trust those, why should I trust in a cosmic being that only puppeteers us all. I trust what I can see.

Love. How do you use the word? Love to me is something that you like so much you would be willing to die for it. I don't love anything. I think. Or maybe I love everything. I feel so many things are above me in worth. So many deny that though. I'm glad they think that way... but I wonder. I bring this up because my cat, who has been missing for the past week, has returned. She had a nasty gash on her face and had to have surgery. Poor thing.

But that's not why I was thinking what I was thinking. My sister thinks that I feel happy and that I love my cat. By her definition, yes, I might. Should I answer that way to her, or should I try to inform her what I believe is different. One is lying, but the other will lead her to misunderstand. How can one truly understand another?

Does anyone even try? Probably, but I think... well trying implies failure. But I've gotta wonder--has anyone ever known anyone completely?

Maybe God knows?


Reed R Gale

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