Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Day 4

Oh deary me, today is dreary. Two presentations tomorrow. My dad is being angsty (and with good reason). He took my cell phone and more little sister's cell phone. He gave me a talking to about the rules of the house. The general speel. My sister is getting home late (Repercussion mentioned in past sentences). Hum. I guess today wasn't so bad.

In any case, my friends and I in Osu are planning on making a beatmap collab. Fun stuff. Being the most experienced mapper, I feel somewhat responsible for helping them. Though I've never gotten anything ranked... Ehhhhh... I'll do my best...?

I'm practicing my fencing a lot more lately. Swordplay has always intrigued me. If I could go back in time, I would go to the times when swordplay was an art, it was a prominent sport, when it was influential. Then again, if I have the ability to travel through time, there are many more things I would do with it. Like give myself advice.

Have you ever heard of the song, Letter to Me by Brad Paisley. Yeah. Something like that.

But I'm 16 right now.


I suppose I should work on the Tourney a bit more. I've left it too long. But it still amazes me how much better at writing I've gotten over the course of three years. When I started the novel I was worse of a writer than I am now. Which is pretty bad. And in-eloquent. And fragment using. How many fragments is that now?

I'm too lazy to count. Bah. My writing style in this journal has mainly been stolen from Pendragon. That book series was beautiful. I adored the writing style and must have absorbed it through osmosis. Can't say much about the end though.

Speaking of osmosis, why do we call it that? Osmosis is supposed to be a process that implies water. Learning has very little to do with water.

That was a lie. We need water to live and thus to learn. One degree of separation. Minus 10 points for me. Oh but I proved myself right. Plus 10 points for me.

I have this game I play with me friends, that whenever one of us makes a statement that the others challenge, we then proceed to look it up. If the accused is right, the accusers lose 10 points and the defendant gains 10 and vice versa. It's rather amusing.

I smell poop. My cats must have pooped on the stairs again. I better clean that before my dad has another teenage hissy fit where no one but him gets to speak. But I repeat, most of the time, he is justified. Sometimes.


Reed R Gale

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