Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Day 5

Ah. The sun has gone out.

There's a friend of mine who much reminded me of the sun. It's something that's always there, and really blinding to look at, yet warm and relaxing to bask in. It helps that she regularly wears bright orange. She was generally energetic... but it seems that she's dimmed over the years. Hmmm. Maybe my memory hasn't caught up with present days.

The sun has gone out and I didn't even notice.

How saddening.

I regularly ask people, "If they could have a superpower, what would it be?" I usually get the typical answers, "the ability to fly", "omnipotence", "Manipulation of insert standard video game element here", and "The power from Prototype". Or something like those. I've personally always liked the idea of barrierkinesis. The ability to create shields. That or the ability to instantaneously transfer energy from one form to another with a touch. Those would be fun.

My sister is watching Rap Battles. She just informed me that Mr. Rogers was in the special forces. I knew that. In fact I had told her that only hours previously. Minus 10 points for her. Wait. She doesn't play. I lost the game. Fauk.

I had one of those two presentations today. It went pretty well. Kind of a shame. I was looking forward to the second one. It was on geothermal energy. A shame, a shame.

I think I have nothing left to say.


Reed R Gale

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