Sunday, February 12, 2012

Day 2

The aforementioned (or not) birthday party happened today. Interesting stuff. Kind of. I made a fool of myself in front of everyone and we played the card game Mao. I assume that's how it's spelled.

Mao is a card game with one spoken rule. You may not speak of the rules of Mao. And the winner adds a rule to the game. But that's irrelevant.

We had fun to say the least. I have a tendency to say whatever is going through my mind at the moment which can end up with some pretty funny results, like I told one of my friends to go to a back room to tell the ending of the movie we were watching to the girlfriend of the friend of whom the birthday was for (that was confusing) because she was leaving. Apparently I said it in a suggestive tone.

Oh yeah. That movie we watched was nice. Something about boxing robots. I can't remember the title. One of the girls there and I were talking about why they gave the robots heads. What was the point? more importantly, why store the core in there. Why not have the robot still able to fight after having it's head torn off. Ultimately, it's simply a hindrance.

And another thing? Why was human boxing obsolete altogether? It's pretty kickass and relieves stress, tension, and testosterone, so... why? The two can coexist... maybe even mingle! No. Nevermind. That's a bad idea.

Locus is still in my mind with his green flat hat and his green vest and his tie and his clean shirt and his deep, dark, black holes for eyes. He seems so... hollow. Would his history revolve around that. Dimensions, when they are forgotten by its host, vanish. Perhaps he is a result of that.

I shoudl explain the dimension theory in my head. Every thought you have ever had, every story every written, every painting ever made, et cetera, harbors a world. The more people that know of that world, the more stable it is. Naturally that world has a past and present which revolves around characters. The most important being a main character. When a traveler enters a world, they usually enter near or around the main character(s).

A world can disappear for a number of reasons:
1) Every physical remnant (medium) of the world is destroyed (book, game, memories).
2) A world can be forced to be destroyed by a powerful traveler to increase their own power (breaking a world down harbors 'chaos' a building block of matter and energy in the story. Just work with it.)
3) The world can destroy itself, breaking itself down into chaos and choose someone to hold its power.

Maybe I could have Locus destroy his own world for destroying everything dear to him. How cliche.

Hm. I'm running out of things to talk about. Oh yes. Nevermind.

School. Currently I'm working a number of things.

That was pretty boring.


Reed R Gale

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