Friday, February 17, 2012

Day 7

Oh wow. A whole week has gone by. And I haven't missed a day of blogging yet. Cool.

Not much happened today. I failed a test in Literature because I know the lowest test will be dropped, I think I passed the Spanish test, my speech was delayed in Physics... again. Oh yes, and I learned how to make my article better. Angles.

Angles are beautiful. They allow you to see things from a different perspective. I've thought this way for a while, but whenever I heard about angles of a story, I was kind of thinking in terms of 90 degree angles. Good, bad, neutral. Three sides. When honestly, those are just regions. They harbor all the different points of view one can take when hearing the argument.

But I still wonder how many of us think for ourselves. In a world of so much mingling, like our world today, our thoughts are very much influenced by the media surrounding us. How many of us actually think original thoughts. In the whole scheme of things, isn't life a gigantic road of self discovery? Is death really the end of the road.

My friend brought up an interesting point... from me. We were talking about roads how life is a path which we travel. I kept telling my friend to stop looking back at the past. He said that sometimes, the past is more fun. Then I said, "Isn't it more fun to walk forward with your eyes closed?"

Fun, but ignorant. I lied there a little bit. I do walk forward with my eyes closed sometimes, but does it really matter? The road of life is a dark one. I can't really make definite shape of what I see on it. Everything is misty and confusing. But I can say I almost never look back. All metaphorically of course.

I'm so meta even this acronym

I always think of that when I think of metaphorically. Okay, not always, but a lot of the time. That one line is an interesting puzzle, indeed. Life is a puzzle, really, with no set goal in mind we turn the infinite x infinite Rubik's Cube of life to get interesting colors all on one side, but no one can really see the whole cube.

I make really stupid comparisons at times.

Well I promised my friend I'd work on his story for his game a little tonight. So I will.


Reed R Gale

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