Monday, February 13, 2012

Day 3


School. I guess I'll talk a bit about it seeing as it is the most prominent thing on my mind as of late. As it today. Lately, I've been trying to do better at school as for some reason everyone says it will effect my future. That is true. I know it is. Choosing a school mean choosing who you're going to be living with for the next few years. I means determining what you can and cannot learn, what beliefs you will be steeped in for the next 4 years. It also (biassedly) determine how people see you.

That reminds me why I sign myself as Reed R Gale. I choose this name because it is a name for me. What impression do you get from the name? Common names or names with similarities to celebrities give you an impression of the person before you even meet them, thus I tried to go for a neutral name.

Nonetheless, I get emotions and meanings by breaking down the name. Reed is a blade of grass, usually in a field with many others. No one notices a single blade of grass. No one. R stands for raze, as in to cut. Cutting the grass is a sharp wind... as I imagine it anyway. That breeze or gale is both a prison forcing the cut blade of grass out into the world, liberating it, yet forcing it to go to something new.

Funny how much meaning I put into this "neutral" name. Still it makes people judge me for my actions rather than for my name and I like that.

That reminds me of the internet. On the internet, you can wear whatever mask you want. You can be whatever persona you feel like. If you feel like being a jerk one day, be a jerk. If you feel like being a sweetheart another day, you can be a sweetheart. If you want to be a stalker one day... well... don't do that. That's a bad habit.

Valentine's day is coming up. For me it is Singles Appreciation Day (SAD). But I try to enjoy everyday anyway. Note that I'm not really happy. That's bad apparently, but I'm never really sad either. Is that good? Which reminds me...

To be sad is to not be happy, but to be happy is to not be sad. Are we always one or the other? Where does the circle begin? I can't remember the last time I was really sad or happy. Hum hum. I understand anger and calm though. I need to control my anger.

Well that's all for now.


Reed R Gale

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