Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Best I Can Be

Lately, I've been trying harder.

I wonder if it will amount to anything.

But honestly, I've realized, it doesn't matter. Everything is a mean to its own end. One must do something for the sake of doing that something, nothing more. Ultimately, if you look into it, they all lead to happiness or money, and if they aren't, you've gotta ask, why are you doing it?

I am someone lucky. I'm one who can be happy simply doing. It doesn't really matter what I'm doing, as long as I'm doing it with people I "don't mind", by myself, and I feel it is bettering me in some way. That can be anything from a chore to homework. From exercise to sitting down in a chair to read. From a puzzle to a sport. I'm easily pleased.

I've also found that I hate comparing things. No that isn't right. I hate it when people judge non-factual things and try to compare them. Yes, I know that society is steeped in that and I should just get used to it, but heck, I hate it and little else will change my mind.

For now, if only for now, I feel I have an idea of what defines me in a simple broad sense.

Until then I'll just keep trying hard until someone stops me.

But I won't push myself too hard.


Reed R Gale

P.S. Right now I'm listening to: xi - Ascension to Heaven

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