Monday, August 13, 2012

The Point

Everything we know are simply human concepts. But they rule our lives. Fairness, justice, equality, "the point," all of them are simply rules of the universe and of human nature. We name and label things. But why?

I've grown up religious and told that I won't understand God's plan no matter what. As a result I don't understand why so many suffer. Why do so many go to Hell?

If you're religious your probably said something like:

It's part of the plan.
It was their choice.
They were evil.

... or you shrugged me off.

If you're the rare person you actually attempted to answer my question and probably failed. If you can answer I would love it. Really I would.

But hear my argument first.

Let me reason the only way I know how, and using only simple concepts that I understand as a simple human being.

God molded the universe.
As a result he determines all the rules.
Human nature is a device made by God.
All our concepts and facts and beliefs are molded by Him.
God is omnipotent and as a result omniscient.
As a result He knows all that is or ever will be.
As a result He knows all human beings on Earth.
As a result He knows how all of us are going to grow up to be.
God placed us on Earth, he may or may not of chosen the specific point to be placed.

Now let me place down two facts known by most Christians:

God loves us.
God knows all.
We have free will.

Allow me to argue two and leave the other in the air. I'll argue free will to start. First I'll start with the facts I placed. God made the universe and all it's rules. He made us and our own nature, how we will react to things. Then he placed us in a garden with two trees we aren't supposed to eat from. The devil pressured us into eating the fruit.

Now God knew all this, and as a result he knew we would fail the test and be kicked out of the Garden of Eden. It was predestined for it to happen FROM GOD'S VEIWPOINT. From ours we simply made a bad choice. Which was influenced by a creation of God.

He created Satan; Lucifer, rather. If God knew all when he created the brilliant angel and Earth... why?

My answer is God is probably a storyteller. He has the same concept of conflict as we all do. I wonder...

But in the end, I guess it doesn't matter.

I believe in the morals I was raised with. I believe in those and I believe if God exists, which I do not deny, he will judge me off of the choices I made.

That is all, I guess. All that was rather... pointless I guess.

But then again, I kinda use this as a journal anyway, and these are my true thoughts.


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